How to distinguish true and false PRADA sunglasses

First, check the model of the PRADA sunglasses and the inside of the temple. All PRADA Prada sunglasses are available in two start formats: SPR or SPS.

At the beginning of SPR is the main line of Prada sunglasses, taking the luxury style route.

The Prada movement route at the beginning of the SPS, also known as “prada linea rossa”, has more sporty design elements.

The model format of all PRADA sunglasses is: SPS or SPR + 2 digits +1 or 2 letters, such as SPS 04F or SPR 52DS.

Note: The model font on the temple should be clear and not easy to fall off, that is, there will be no problem when using the nail scraper; the model on the temple should be the same as the information on the white label on the box, otherwise it is false.

Second, check the serial number on the PRADA sunglasses lens. This is very important. Since 2000, Prada PRADA has begun to add the engraved serial number to the lens on the right, as shown below. Note that the serial number is engraved, not printed, and the font should be legible. If you buy replica prada sunglasses before 2000, there will be no such serial number on the lens.

Third, check if the packaging of fake PRADA sunglasses is correct. The new Prada sunglasses package should include sunglasses, cardboard boxes, glasses cases, cleaning cloths, Prada information guides, manufacturer’s information guides, and a genuine card. Since the SPS and SPR series of PRADA sunglasses have different packaging designs for many years

Fourth, check the nose pads of PRADA sunglasses. There are many PRADA sunglasses that do not have a silicone nose pad; if there is a silicone nose pad, the nose pad should have a PRADA logo.